The Greater Mumbai Metropolitan Region DP 2034 is out! . . .

. . .  And the stand of Pune DP activists against the Pune DP is vindicated. The GMMR DP shows that good, thoughtful DP of such a vast and complex area is possible through sometime simple strategies and solutions. Also, the MMR DP seems to have diligently followed the due process, published the ELU for comments and also did the entire work in a time bound manner.

You can read more about the Greater MMR DP on

The above article provides an excellent summary on the DP. However, here I would like to highlight a few high points of this DP that are in my opinion, truly insightful and path breaking for an Indian city.

1. The additional 6.0 and above FSI has been granted to properties in the immediate vicinity of railway and/or Metro stations. This is something that I have been promoting for Pune, to allow high FSI in the immediate vicinity rather than along the corridor.

2. Another very important aspect linked to high FSI in immediate station vicinity is the fact that the Parking requirements in these properties is reduced to half, to ensure that ONLY public transport is incentivized. The reduction of Parking requirement in this zone is a very countering strategy to higher FSI

3. Overall, any Developer wishing to provide more Parking in the city than the number prescribed by the DCR, has to put this additional Parking area into the FSI area

4. The Right of Way for Vehicles and Pedestrians has been duly acknowledged and specific conditions are established to ensure that pedestrian ways are not compromized.

5. The Traditional strategy of 'reserving' land for public purposes has given way to generating a pool of public land through development and redevelopment schemes. It was found in the previous DP review that the strategy of land acquisition of reservations is ineffective in generating the required amenities for the city. Time and again, I have highlighted this fact that Pune needed to do an Evaluation and Assessment of the previous DP and its implementation to understand and plan the way ahead.

6. The Public Amenity allocations are simplified to allow for changes over the years and making it possible to provide the amenity required by the city at that particular point in time. I think, this is a very good strategy considering that we are making a Comprehensive Plan for 20 years for a city that keeps changing overnight!

7. It has been highlighted in the previous DP review that margins were compromised significantly as the right to condone/reduce margins was given to the Municipal Commissioner. This right is removed. Also, there is a significant approach change in the DC Rules where the Permissible FSI, though prescribed to be high, is not a 'right' of every plot, thus ensuring that to achieve this high FSI, margins are not compromised.

8. Local Area Plans are being generated for specific areas which will complement the larger and broader approach of the MMR DP, ensuring that local requirements are duly incorporated into the ward level Planning Sectors.

Having said this, there are some significant criticisms on the DP such as relatively less focus given to creation of affordable housing stock and reduction of Open Space requirement from 15% to 10%. Further, a variety of services like Electric substations, Rainwater tank, sewage treatment plant are now allowed to be constructed below the Mandatory Open Space, thereby going against the Supreme Court verdict of retaining the mandatory Open Space on virgin ground.

I have more to read and study this document before I can write any further, but the frustration of why Pune could not seize the opportunity to do something exciting for a, relatively less complex city than Mumbai, will continue to trouble me over some days . . . 


  1. Is there any concerted efforts from the state government to come up with a suitable solution to mitigate and / or prevent such a situation happening during monsoon period ??..Keeping these things in mind nearly 35 railway stations from Maharashtra are going to be redevelopment process.Now the passengers get more service from Mumbai railways.Hope to this project going to be finished ASAP.

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