Happy Earth Day!

22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day - Vasundhara Divas! What will be our committment towards Mother Earth this year? As I started writing this blog, I started thinking about possibilities of my commmittment. What can I promise to Mother Earth that will cause her a little less pain and a little less pollution from my activities. In other words, how will I lighten my ecological footprint in this year?
Last year, I had committed to stop asking for plastic shopping bags for groceries. To be fair, I would rate myself a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I avoided the plastic bag use wherever I could, but I should have tried a little more. So this year, I will continue on this committment.
For this year, I will commit to make my home ZERO garbage! I will be composting my biodegradables and ensure recycling of my non biodegradables!
One of my uncles, having spent the last year striving (and acheiving) to become a ZERO garbage home, has committed to be an environmentally Conscious and a Responsible Consumer! He will begin making his consumer choices based on the garbage generating potential of any product. In simpler words, he will reject products with intensive packaging and will opt for products that are packaged simply or perhaps not at all! Remember the days of our grandparents?
Has anyone heard of any more such Earth friendly committments? It will be great to make a list of these committments every year and post it on the Internet. So do let me know, if you have an interesting one. A collection and achievement of all these committments will surely help all of us celebrate Earth Day every year!


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